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TheValueFactory is an org design and transformation partner that
helps you change the way you innovate and work.

As the world has become increasingly complex and uncertain, traditional ways of working and organizing are holding us back.
Every institution now faces the daunting challenge of reinventing themselves as a thriving adaptive network
fit for the 21st century.

Key Drivers

Get insights in the real key drivers of your impact and progress

Human-Centered Design

This customer-driven era requires deep understanding of both customers and co-workers.


Take action based on reliable, high quality insights

What solutions do you need to succeed?

Culture Hacking TOOLS

Culture performance and behaviour research fast and easy, actionable, concrete high-impact outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Teams

Build business fast and successful through co-creation between your team, partners and customers.

Hack. Transform. Scale.

Let’s collaborate to unleash exponential-performance and 21st century resilience in your company

Transformation Cases

Global Safety Culture

in a multi-site
Chemicals Group

Innovation Culture

Unlocking Creativity
in a Paper Group

Client-Centric Culture

Unleash Intrapreneurship
in Social Welfare Agency

Agile companies grow revenue



*Source: MIT Sloan

Agile companies generate


higher profits.*

Less than


of companies succeed in building a healthy culture …

Source: Bain a.o.

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20 Trends


Culture & Profitability

How organisational culture
is KEY to
21st century success…

Judging Kills Entrepreneurship

Science increasingly proves judging does not bring out the best in humans!

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