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The leadership X-factor that can fix any business

Introduction Businesses don’t fail – products don’t fail – projects don’t fail – leaders fail. Mike Myatt - Forbes I have little use for leaders who can effortlessly call upon the right clichés and buzzwords in conversation, but fail to put into practice what they so...

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Organisational Culture and Profitability

Introduction Strategy or Culture? Short term profitability and productivity are mainly determined by strategy. In the long run however, organisational culture has the most impact. Although your bottom line this year is mostly determined by your strategy, your bottom...

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Judging kills entrepreneurship

Introduction Another year is over, all employee talks are finished and personel files are in order. Staff knows what to do again. It's gonna be another great year. Or not? Is there a deeper sense? A conviction that disapointment is on the horizon? Science increasingly...

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