DWFProjectsLab is a new way to collaborate with co-workers, partners and customers to make your projects deliver real results together.




Align individual and team contributions quickly

The DWFProjectsLAB is the ideal solution to align activities of co-workers, partners and even customers quickly.

A short-term community

The ProjectsLAB community is set up as a single point of access, allowing you to run a wide variety of projects on an as-needed basis. Whether this is just yourself and a co-worker or over 250 involved project members, they will engage with you over the entire course of your projects, whether that is a single day or several months.

Increase success with faster, more accurate insights

The DWFProjectsLAB Community provides fast and reliable results for a wide variety of culture and value delivery challenges and is an ideal platform to gain insights quickly during your agile projects.


Set up within 4 days
Price on request

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