Three Design Principles To Make Innovation Culture Work.

Cultivating A Learning Organisational Culture

3 Design Principles to make Innovation Culture Work

A thriving, high-performance culture is critical to business success.
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The Challenge

There is compelling evidence that demonstrates the link between a healthy, high-performance culture and financial and other performance results. Creating a thriving, high-performance culture has a long-term, sustainable impact on performance, providing organizations with a distinct competitive advantage.

And yet the power of actively creating, managing and sustaining a company culture is largely neglected in business.

The Solution

The author identifies three levers to actively create, manage and sustain an innovation focused company culture:

R=BxCT (Results are a result of building business through a culture of TRUST); growth mindset (curious to learn, difference is not a threat but something that is complementary); continuous alignement of collective talent (cultivating a work-approach to nourish ideas, experiments, discovery-driven-learning and open dialogues to drive decisions).

In Practice

Companies should apply the culture design principles systematically: at the tactical level (for instance, in marketing and communication programs, employee and customer engagement surveys), as a managerial tool in interpersonal or team settings, and strategically (for instance, in planning and validating future business opportunities).

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