How do I hack my culture?


Successful leaders shape their cultures
instead of allowing their cultures to shape the company…

The key to winning the game you play as a company is value continuous organisational learning. Because of the current pace of change, organisations that learn fast can repeatedly outflank and outperform their so-called peers. Newcomers can seemingly come out of nowhere and dominate new opportunities and prosper.

The pace of change bestows nearly immediate rewards on the most adaptive company cultures. To be adaptive as an organisation, that organisation must intentionally engage in continuous learning. Organisational learning is by no means random but rather a highly intentional act.

That’s what culture hacking is about.

Culture Hacking in 4 Steps

Founded in Human-Centered Design and

Agile Thinking

Determine culture state


“If you can’t measure what you do, you don’t know what you’re doing” — W.E. Deming (1900-1993)
Any attempt to improve company performance should start with an assessment of the performance of the critical culture elements. From the results it becomes clear how much priority and where should be spent to start an agile transformation.

Choose and create learning practices


Thriving agile cultures are build on three main elements:

1. Creative Abrasion
Creating a marketplace of ideas and heated arguments to understand the deeper meanings.

2. Creative Agility
Discovery driven learning open to test and refine assumptions

3. Creative Resolution
Decision making through open dialogues. No compromise, no domination.

These elements are linked to a meaningful purpose and founded in common values that provide a framework for direction and decision making.

Test new working & learning practices


High-performance cultures create space, where people are willing to do the hard work of creative problem solving. Cultivating making every voice speak up and be heard, they become more adaptable and achieve much better results, especially when the pace of change is fast.

Teams that learn quickly are more adaptive than teams that do not.

Scale-up through cultivating learning practices


Focus on Outcomes, Growth Mindset and Aligning Collective Talent unlocks the entrepreneurial talents within employees to really listen to customers to understand their deeper needs now and in the future.

Thus providing a continuous flow of ideas and delivering solutions cultivating raving customers.


Culture Hacking is a continuous cycle, cultivating explicit learning and translating the learnings into meaningful value.

An intertwining of development and operations as the basis for business agility, product agility and delivery agility.

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