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We are trapped in the Motivation Dilemma: as a leader you are being held accountable to motivate your people. And that is something that can not be done: you can not motivate others…

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People are motivated

Tons of data support the value of an engaged workforce. However, researchers have only recently explored how people come to be engaged. How do you improve engagement scores if you don’t understand the internal process individuals go through to become engaged?

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Why CultureLAB-101?

These free learnings will guide you through the basic building blocks of an organisational culture, understand where you and your team stand and often can help you arrive at more effective solutions to create a learning culture.

The learnings are an invitation to experiment with the process of questioning assumptions, with a focus to connect with the world around you to really understand what it is that people drives. Let it inspire you to approach challenges differently and experience how dialogue can add a new perspective and dimension to your work.

When you have completed these initial learnings, you will have experimented with different kinds of culture- and behavioral-assessments; learned how to reflect on behaviour of others and yourself; experiment and get meaningful feedback; and iterated on your ideas in realistic environments.

Learnings Roadmap

1. Accountability or Ownership

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand fundamentals of engaged behaviour
  • Assess your work culture
  • Get feedback from your team for deeper understanding

2. The 5 behaviours for Team Success

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how trust, dialogue, commitment and accountability are critical behaviours before focus on results.
  • Assess team behaviour
  • Seek fresh perspectives for deepening team trust and dialogue

3. Do we all think alike?

Learning Objectives

  • Understand differences in thinking styles and complementary value
  • Learn to build teams for high-performance, using thinking styles
  • Assess your individual thinking style (€)
  • Experience deeper interpersonal connection and trust through mutual understanding of each others thinking talents.

4. The Cycle-of-Success

Learning Objectives

  • Understand core values as drivers for behaviour
  • Assess your individual value drivers (€)
  • Plan and experiment with enhancing ones behavioural habits (cycle-of-success)
  • Get feedback from trusted individuals for deeper understanding of ones own behaviour
  • Understand how this approach is a way to measure and manage organisational culture

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