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Experimenting leads to Learning

Nov 8, 2016 | Innovation, Innovation Master Program, Organisational Culture, UK



In 1979 Sony introduced the Walkman, despite retailmarket doubting customers would actually want to buy a portable music player without a recording feature.
Survey Results from 1995 show that 97% of the American population didn’t have access to the internet. In the same year Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.
Research by Forrester and Ofcom demonstrated in 2007 that 87% of mobile phone users didn’t use their device for internet access and 72% of online consumers said they weren’t interested in using their smartphone for online banking. Despite that Citibank launched it’s mobile banking app in 2007.


What can we take away from succefull innovations?
We learn that technology capable of satisfying real needs, conquer fears and doubts of consumers time and time again.
This does however require trusting ones customer insights and being able to combine this instinct with a deeper understanding of what a given technology can deliver. Maybe even more important is maintaining a culture that allows and invites people to experiment freely.

In itself each of these tasks seems simple. Put together they deliver a very powerful approach of innovation that enables you to maximixe customer experience and stand out from the crowd. Maybe even redesign a complete industry.

Opportunities for all
New tech offers many chances for those that know how to use it. Maybe we should leave it to the experts and the tycoons in Sillicon Valley? In reality chances are within reach for all of us. You know your customers. When you combine what they want with new tech that delivers that value AND you encourage your co-workers to go all the way, you cultivate your organisation to leap ahead.
Be aware that you are in this for the long run – you might not see Results straigth away. Trust your new found courage and faith that it will pay off in the end.

In Company Workshop – How to Build Your 10X-ValueFactory in 90 Days
In this workshop you experiment with the basics of cultivating a high performance culture in your team or company. You enhance the relationship with your co-workers and take away some ready to use actionable insights to get more results from innovation.
The workshop let’s you peek into TheValueFactory Innovatie Master-Programm. A programm that guides you a year long in building your own ValueFactory.

Feel free to contact us and/or invite us into your team or company to get the party started!

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