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Judging kills entrepreneurship

Oct 5, 2016 | Featured, Organisational Culture, UK


Another year is over, all employee talks are finished and personel files are in order. Staff knows what to do again. It’s gonna be another great year.

Or not? Is there a deeper sense? A conviction that disapointment is on the horizon?

Science increasingly proves that judging employees kills their entrepreneurship. It does not bring out the best in humans!


The conclusion is clear: DON’T judge. DO show a genuine interest in what your co-worker drives. Why does he or she work at your company? What is he or she going to contribute next period? What is the learning objective (and growth objective)? What are the minimal requirements to achieve this, regarding coaching, mentoring, training, educating, experiencing, etc. ?

With this approach you loose side of small increments and really start to grow together!

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