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Innovation LAB

The Challenge

As ideas are the foundation of a company’s future, it is the innovation process to translate an idea into new business reality. Whether it is successfully improving a work method or implementing a new disruptive business model, it boils down to really learn to understand what the key-success-factors are.

A key success factor of thriving, high-performance cultures is the habit of cultivating experimenting, providing organizations with a distinct competitive advantage. Experiments are the real proof whether assumptions are correct or not.

And yet the power of actively testing assumptions, thus growing a company’s understanding of markets and customers is largely neglected in business.

The Solution

Once an idea has been user-validated in the ideas LAB, creating a successful innovation starts with validating a wide range of (maybe) wild concepts. It is in the interaction with the future user, that the solution is moulded as well as the business model is uncovered. The basis for value capture afterwards.

The Design Thinking approach – Discover, Create, Realise – creates space for your team(s) to brainstorm, prototype, test and refine solutions.

In Practice

In the Innovation LAB you will learn to apply design thinking principles systematically: at the tactical level (for instance, in daily team-work, being aware of assumptions, discovery-driven-learning), as a managerial tool in interpersonal or team settings, and strategically (for instance, in planning and validating future business opportunities).

The Results




We convene organisational communities to collaboratively address the company’s biggest challenges. More and more participate in building their ValueFactory platform, and are empowered to take action, inspiring their co-workers to get involved in contributing to make a real impact.

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Our clients provide funding and other support to winning ideas in their respective organisations. Selected ideas are chosen by specific criteria, focusing to deliver solutions they’re best set up to help succeed.





Through ongoing programs we build collective efforts around large, complex focus areas and help innovators and organizations get connected to the resources, talent, partnerships and design expertise that they need to thrive.

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