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Organisational Culture = Key to Predictable Success

Creating a thriving, high-performance culture has a long-term, sustainable impact on performance, providing organizations with a distinct competitive advantage.

Culture LAB

Enhance focus and trust in your teams – the foundation of healthy organisations.

Ideas LAB

Any progress in operations or business starts with an idea ! Unlock the collective talent of your teams.

Innovation LAB

Ideas need to be nurtured to become innovations. Validation of needs, solution and value capturing potential is a collective effort learning the key-success-factors for growth. That transforms ideas into collective innovative power.

Scale-Up LAB

How to transform validated innovations into successful business. That’s the transition from project approach into creating an organisation that builds the intended business.

Clarify Vision

A compelling vision creates a purpose and focal point for alignment. What’s your vision?

Make Values Work

The way your core values drive co-worker behaviour is part of the magnet that makes talent and customers choose for you.

Engage People

Buying-in to the vision and core values, unlocks an exciting engagement.

Value Growth

It is only engaged co-workers that create engaged customers, thus unlocking the exponential growth engine.

Value growth is more than just collecting ideas.

Organisations need the culture and tools to organise, manage and scale ideas in an efficient way to drive execution.

Connect – Share – Learn

Events by DeWaardeFabriek

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A 1 year hybrid on-the-job learning program to boost your innovation culture & performance.

The root difference between high-performance and struggling companies is the fact that successful companies are not afraid to look outside company borders…


The 10X-Framework

True progress happens when you try to improve something by 10 times rather than by 10%. A 10X goal forces you to rethink and idea entirely. It pushes you beyond existing models and forces you to totally reimagine how to approach it.

This is not an individual exercise but a collective approach based on mutual trust and openly sharing information.

The DWF-platform supports team collaboration with document tools, dialogue groups and goal-alignment both for business related work and team culture development.

Track company culture in time

Once you measure, you can manage. Organisational culture can be measured easily. Using the DWF-suite of tools you can easily quantify individual, team and organisational behaviour in depth as well as monitor day-to-day culture performance.

Learn more about tracking company culture >

Build a learning organisation

Learning is a basic human drive, that makes us feeling alive. Learning is an important factor for “flow”. Learning implies making “mistakes”. “Mistakes” are actions that have proven that a certain way of working is not the right way. Very important insights! Successful companies are characterised having a compelling vision and a strategy learning through a culture of experimenting. Did you know that 60% of bankruptcies are due to a lack of vision?

70/20/10 model

We’re firm believers of this concept:

  • 70% of your projects dedicated to core business
  • 20% of your projects related to core business
  • 10% of your projects unrelated to core business

Learn more about cultivating a learning culture >

Managing Self-Accountable Teams

Now you can “manage” your self-accountable teams from anywhere. The DWF-platform provides you data on team performance, digital workspaces to collaborate on clear aligned objectives, a communication platform to share news and updates and e-learning functionality to share knowledge quickly.

✔︎ Idea sharing
✔︎ Idea validation
✔︎ Business model validation
✔︎ Design Thinking
✔︎ Developing 10X-productive teams
✔︎ Reduce and manage cultural entropy

✔︎ Really understanding the Job-to-be-Done
✔︎ Enhancing the customer journey
✔︎ Team Culture status
✔︎ Core values in operation
✔︎ Vision execution
✔︎ Lead and support Self-Accountable teams

Start working in your 10X-ValueFactory

The DWF-platform is a web-supported service.

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